Based on a long artisan tradition, Li Puma, expert in hammering iron, now offers a new collection of funcional houseware which is the result of a consolidated handicraft experience linked to a a traditional taste and the newest technological innovations. The wide range of its handwork, covering coat racks, beautiful decorated beds accompanied with chandeliers and lamps made out of wood and iron, shows an unchanged loyalty to tradition without therefore neglecting the new stages of production.
Other articles, such as light fixtures, floor lamps, clothes stands, ceiling lights, also are decocated in a typical florentine style with painted leaves, flowers
and branches. The goldplating, made with brass foil, is applied to the iron and then made look older, together with the handbrusched lackering gives the articles of Li-Puma an antique look even in the smallest details. Antique not only refers to objects in a classical style but also refers to articles in a modern style. Possessing and object in forged iron, made as in the past and never equal to another, also means possessing a unique piece of our art and our history.